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Lovely Words from Customers

Receiving a card, hand written letter, email or review about my work fills me with great joy.
It’s so rewarding for me to hear these lovely words from some of my customers…. 
Testimonials - Somatic Movement Therapy
"Through Trauma Counselling my mind spoke its story but in doing so revealed that I don’t live within or with any real awareness of my body. 1-2-1 somatic movement helps my body speak its story too, and release its trauma. Through this journey Penny has been and is my trusted translator and accompanying therapist. In the few sessions I’ve learnt so much and already am beginning to feel me"
Testimonials - Workshops & Classes
"I would most certainly recommend you and I have a client who may well love the nurturing gentleness of some seated movement and awareness exercises"
Testimonials - Supervision
"My supervision sessions with Penny support my therapeutic work and provide me with a springboard to bounce ideas off and to shine a new lens. Penny’s wealth of experience in the somatic field is evident with her highly perceptive and delicate approach at helping me to unpack what comes up during the sessions. I’d highly recommend Penny as a true professional in her field "
Yoga Teacher Trainer / Somatic Practitionere
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